Historical Monuments You MUST Visit in Capernaum

Historical Monuments You MUST Visit in Capernaum

Historical Monuments You MUST Visit in Capernaum

Capernaum is a small town in northern Israel, near the Sea of Galilee. Yet, its importance is far greater considering the rich historical background this town has, besides the beautiful nature surrounding it.

Capernaum, also called the town of Jesus, can be a great escape for those searching to live a wonderful experience in the heart of nature, and a spiritual retreat that can take them hunderds of years back in history.

There is a thousand and one thing you can do when visiting Capernaum besides the town itself. Here are two other major destinations you must make sure to check out at least once during your stay there:

The Temple at The Mountain of Beatitudes


This is a part of history you have to see. The paintings inside the temple are outstanding. The money and time spent on preserving history is fabulous. The true value of these masterpieces can’t even be experessed in any currency. The Hill of Happiness Jesus' preaching on the mountain.

There is convincing evidence that the sermon was actually in this place, according to a diary written by an early pilgrim. The calm you can sense here is exceptional. Even when a large crowd arrives, this place manages to stay in order somehow, and remains completely peaceful. The steep hill overlooks the Sea of ​​Galilee. The temple is commemorated with landscaped gardens and plaques that list happiness. It is a faith-affirming place that Christians have been visiting for 2000 years.

The Church of Multiplication

This is a small and modest Catholic church with attractive mosaic floors. It is helpful to know the scriptures that this church has, but it is not necessary. It doesn't take long to stop here, but it's worth a visit and is close to the Primary Church, so it's worth taking the time to visit the Sea of ​​Galilee if you are interested in the Holy Land. This more modern church rests on the site of former churches, as is customary in Israel.

What a beautiful church in a great location. Alone on the Sea of ​​Galilee, this picturesque building remembers the place where Jesus and Peter had a famous meeting. This is a small church building with beautiful stained glass windows. Inside the rock or the place where the encounter occurred. It is a short walk from the main road with wonderful sea views. There are places where you can meditate peacefully.

You can also see the remains of some old mosaics. At this place, Jesus multiplied the fish and bread, and there are beautiful mosaics in the temple. When in a religious pilgrimage, you must stop here for few moments to admire the greatness of this place.

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